Listener Survey Results are In!

Chocolate Pie Chart

Since the launch of our listener survey we received 7 total responses.  A very special “Thank You” to all of you who participated.  Here are the results.

Question 1: How long have you been listening to the show?

Since 2010-2013 57.14%
Since 2006      28.57%
Since 2007-2009 14.29%

Question 2: What are your favorite show segments? (percentage based on amount of votes per category out of people voting IE if all 7 liked something it would say 100%)

Everyday Spiritual Life    100%
Gospel Reflection          71.43%
The Spiritual Journey      57.14%
Wine/Alcohol/Drink Reviews 42.86%
Movie Reviews              28.57%
Apologetics                28.57%

Question 3: Where do you live?

United States  66.67%
Canada         16.67%
United Kingdom 16.67%

Question 4: How would you rate the quality of the show? (average across total responses)

Website Design      4.17/5
Audio Quality       3.71/5
Content             3.57/5
Entertainment Level 3.57/5

Question 5: What could be done to improve the show?  What additional segments might you want to hear.

2/17/2014 Interviews with friends, family, parishoners, or anyone at all.
2/18/2014 It would be nice to hear a wee bit more from Tanya.
2/27/2014 Maybe a little more planning and a bit more positivity.

Question 6: What method(s) do you prefer to use when interacting with podcast hosts?

Email            100%
Twitter           50%
Facebook       33.33%
Voice Feedback 16.67%

Question 7: Would you be interested in seeing a video version of the podcast?

No  57.14%
Yes 42.86%

We will evaluate the results and see what changes we can make in order to more closely connect with our listeners and to produce a better show.  Thank you again for your participation!

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LOF#153 – Feedback of the Pharisees

Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Hello Everyone,

We apologize for the delay in this episode.  Things have been busy.

In this episode we get an AWESOME piece of audio feedback from long-time listener Josh and his daughter.  We also discuss marriage resources, retreats, and the blindness of the Pharisees.

Featured Wine This Week:

Andrew Murray 2011 Syrah


Podcast and Feedback Info:

WHEW!  That was a LOT of links this week.  We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and we apologize again for the delay.

God Bless,

Chris, Tanya, and Linus

Show Image: PC Stratman

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LOF#152 – Annunciations Breaking Frozen Lives


Hey Everyone,

This week on the Life on Fire podcast, Linus has a birthday party, Tanya and Linus see Frozen in the theater even though it is out on Blu-Ray, and Chris gets both good and bad news about job-related things.  Tanya also finally gets to talk about The Lego Movie and both discuss the Feast of the Annunciation.

Featured Wine Beer This Week:

Tanya’s Brewing Class Nut Brown Ale


Podcast and Feedback Info:

Whew, what a week!  Please keep us in your prayers as there is a LOT going on.

God Bless,

Chris, Tanya, and Linus

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